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High School Travel Program 

studentHigh School Travel Program provides each high school student group the opportunity to explore the world outside of their classroom and experience other cultures. Students will travel with the teachers they know and love as professional, native guides accompany the group throughout the trip to enrich their experience help with anything they may need. High School Travel Programs don't require any credit to be involved from any university.

Safety and Security are the top priority at ARAMFO Educational Foundation  

Some standard unique ARAMFO qualities:   

  • ARAMFO Educational Foundation coordinates all logistics of the trip so the group is free to enjoy themselves
  • Small group tours
  • Faculty, Students, and Chaperones travel as a group from the same school  
  • Travel health insurance included
  • Community service project built into every group itinerary
  • Unique non-traditional tour activities can be added to any trip, regardless of scale
  • Certificate of accomplishment will be issued to help with university admission

Educational Tours Include:

  • Safety and Risk Management   
  • Customized Private Tours 
            Group selects travel dates and locations   
  • Comprehensive Travel Insurance
  • 24 Hour a Day Professional, Licensed,  Local Native Tour Coordinators  
  • Specialized Activity for each group
            Sporting Events, Theater Performances,
           Government Day, Etc...  
  • Community Service Day
  • Airfare
  • Quality and centrally located  hotel accommodations  
  • All Ground transportation

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why do high school groups select ARAMFO Educational Foundation over traditional tour organizers?

  • ARAMFO always incorporates multicultural student exchanges and relevant educational components into every high school tour group. Students get an opportunity to actually experience and meet their global peers, as well as visit the traditional and historic sites in each host country.


Why does ARAMFO focus on faculty-led tours for high school groups?  

  • Integrating real world experiences with the information learned in the classroom at a younger age is optimal for students growing into capable experts in their field.


How many students participate on each high school group tour?

  • ARAMFO recommends high school groups to consider 10 students as a target number participant count for the first trip. However, the larger the group, the greater the experience.


In what countries does ARAMFO have experience in running faculty-led travel courses?

ARAMFO has experience in leading faculty-led travel courses in over 70 countries.