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How Does ARAMFO Work?

ARAMFO Scholarship for Building Faculty-Led Travel Courses at American Universities

ARAMFO Educational Foundation is offering a scholarship for the 2015-2016 academic year to all universities that will work to offer travel courses sponsored by ARAMFO. The scholarship will be as follows:

$10,000 will be offered to each study abroad office with 50 student participants in the ARAMFO's travel programs. This scholarship will go toward financially supporting students and supporting study abroad offices in their endeavors to promote students studying abroad.

If interested in receiving this scholarship, and more information about it, please contact Ms. Emmalie Moseley at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Overview and Mission

ARAMFO Foundation was founded to facilitate the Faculty-Led Travel Courses to help professors exercise their respective disciplines in a real world context. The ARAMFO Foundation works to facilitate short-term Faculty-Led Travel Courses, around the world, to promote both multiculturalism and academia. Each professor or instructor that leads a course abroad has the freedom to design their own syllabus and can work with the ARAMFO team to customize the trip itinerary and dates for their academic requirements.

Professor/Instructor makes the Syllabus

ARAMFO Foundation does not create the syllabi on behalf of professors, but rather, helps them to create the international trip to the desired location that matches their disciplines and curricula. Professors need to design their syllabi as a regular course. Then they can collaborate with the ARAMFO team to make the trip a practical part in the course design. Professors might choose to offer the trip as a travel course for 3 to 6 credit hours (as an example).

How to Offer a Course?

Please visit our page Offer a Travel Course for step by step instructions on how to offer a course. 

Countries Offered

We offer numerous different travel locations all around the world. Please see Our Travel Programs page for a list of programs offered.

Customizing the Trip

ARAMFO will help you to customize your travel program in the host country including the touring programs and academic/ cultural activities that will help you and your students to achieve your academic goals for the visit to the host country. Besides, we help professors to offer their travel programs during any time of the academic year.

Working with Study Abroad

ARAMFO works with Study Abroad offices to make each travel course the best it can be for the students and faculty. We welcome to collaborate with any Study Abroad that would like to help us to promote multiculturalism and increase the number of students traveling abroad. 


Professors can focus on teaching their students inside their classrooms and ARAMFO will work to enhance these learning experiences by engaging students into real world, international experiences that are relevant to the curricula. Working with ARAMFO has many benefits that support this major aim:

  • All the travel logistics of your trip will be arranged by ARAMFO including the cultural and academic activities.
  • Customized dates and itineraries.
  • The Faculty Led  travel cost will be covered by ARAMFO with a minimum recruitment. 
  • Native professionals to lead all of the trips offered by ARAMFO and stay with professors and their students to guide them on the trip.
  • Safety and security for professors and their students in the host countries
  • Student cost covers the international flights, domestic flights in the host country if needed, hotel stays, breakfast and dinner, entry fees for activities on the itinerary, tour guides, and all in-country transportation. 
  • Offering a Faculty-Led Travel Course through your school adds additional financial benefit for your school
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