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The United Arab Emirates Study Abroad Program

Travel to the United Arab Emirates! Visit the world's tallest building Burj Khalifa and stand on the top of the world. Wander the souks and mingle with the locals selling food, spices, jewelry, gold, textiles, carpets, and more! For more information, please click here to contact us.

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UAE Travel Guide

This document is to be used as a reference for both frequent fliers and for those who have never traveled outside of the country. The guide will help to equip you with the essential information for travel to Dubai, Qatar, and Bahrain with what to prepare for, and what you will need while in the country. This guide is complete with a checklist for travel as well as all traveling restrictions and guidelines for international travel. Additional information on Dubai, Qatar, and Bahrain can be found in the important information on Dubai, Qatar, and Bahrain page of this guide.

Should you have any further inquiry beyond what is covered in this guide you can contact ARAMFO directly for any concerns or questions. All students need to apply for an international student’s card. Students can apply online at this website http://www.isic.org/. Any students that do not apply for the international student card will have only 50% of their entry fees paid for by ARAMFO [instead of the 100% with the card]. All community members are responsible for paying all entry fees.





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Students' Experiences

Students' Experiences